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“I have had a wonderful relationship with Caryn Isaacs, my Patient Advocate for over 10 yrs. I met Caryn when I was recently widowed and was completely traumatized, confused, panicked, and facing problems I had never had to face before, such as economic, practical, where to go, what to do, and I was feeling completely and utterly alone.

I met Caryn at a Seminar in my assisted living facility, and she has been a gift ever since. She is knowledgeable, supportive, trustworthy, and kind in every area.

Caryn is a responsible person who does not hesitate to return a call very promptly when she isn’t answering the phone herself. Her heart is huge, responding to the needs and anxieties of her clients. She is a loving and caring person who I can trust to take care of all the details.

Caryn is especially aware of the stresses and complications experienced by the elderly and handles them with patience and above all wisdom. Those who know her are fortunate indeed to have someone who you can truly depend on in all areas of your life. From a fortunate client who will always love her, Beverly Taylor.”
– Beverly Taylor


"I was misdiagnosed with dementia for over seven years. I was so alone because people thought I didn't know what was going on. GetHealthHelp gave me back my life by helping to get a proper diagnosis and treatment."
"Thank you for believing me. My doctors said the pain was all in my head. Now I can dance again since GetHealthHelp arranged for physical therapy in my home."
"My family wanted me to go to a nursing home. GetHealthHelp arranged for home care services, food delivery, a cleaning service, and even made my landlord install a ramp so that I can stay at home."
"My brother lived in horrible conditions. Caryn got him talking and understood what he wanted. She stood by us to make sure his last months were happy ones. Even after his passing, she helped with the arrangements, including having people attend a memorial to place the American Flag on his grave."
"Caryn is like the daughter I never had. She thinks of everything to make me feel appreciated. Even when I have to go to the doctors, Caryn makes sure we have a littl"


"I needed help deciding what to do after my husband passed. Caryn helped me see the future."
"I was all alone. Caryn helped me find a school that would accept my organs, charities that met with my criteria and referred me to the lawyers and financial people to make sure it happens."
"The Doctors told me to get my husband's affairs in order; after all, he is over 90 years old. Caryn got him a diagnosis and found a doctor who offered a new procedure that saved my husband's life."
"Caryn is the roadmap to my mother's health. She has Parkinson's Psychosis, which was over medicated. Caryn had her reevaluated at the Psychiatric Hospital and then found her a home where they treated her with respect and let her live as best as she can for the rest of her life."
"Caryn was able to get my mother to understand that Dad wasn't going to make it. She walked us through the arrangements for hospice so that Dad could pass in dignity. Caryn also made sure we had pre-planned the funeral so that we could be together in the end, rather than having to make business decisions under such stress."