We Give a Voice to Your Care Concerns

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Included in your assessment is:

  • An in-person meeting with Caryn at your home.
  • A review of your healthcare needs.
  • A review of your legal and financial paperwork.
  • Discharge discussions with nurses and social workers if you are in a hospital or rehabilitation facility.
  • Report of findings and recommendations with a timeline and costs.
Caryn Isaacs With Her Client

I offer a free phone or email consultation to see if you need my help. Many times, I can give you the resolution to your problem immediately at no cost. If you decide to follow up with an in-person evaluation, then you can pay by credit card, Zelle or by mailing a check. An invoice will be sent to you with payment information.

I can hear what you are saying, even when others tell you you are wrong. When people tell you that nothing else can be done, that just means that they are not aware of all the options.